Workshops & Events

Advertising Workshop
At the beginning of the journey, Impression had organised art workshops, as well as sessions with hand-picked panel of mentors that include artists, art historians, photographers, musicians and other creative professionals of Kolkata.

There were two advertising workshops organised to inspire aspiring young creative minds from different colleges and advertising agencies. They explored the world of advertising through the eyes of renowned members from the industry.

Photography Workshop
Every place has its own culture. Every city is different retaining exclusive characteristics. It's not only Kolkata, one can trace culture in every living area.

Yet, Kolkata is often described as the cultural capital of India. Is it because Kolkata is a vast culture pot enriched by the adi residents, the Moghuls, the British and the contemporary citizens? Now what is culture that we actually see today? And photograph them. Is it a void? Or something substantial, meaningful is visible? The workshop aimed to present an entertaining insight into the current Kolkata culture scenario and a definite methodology to hunt for it. Debdutta Gupta, art historian, portrayed the visible traces of many cultural aspects and opened pathways to move on. Suvomoy Mitra, a Kolkata based photographer exclusively presented the same concept through a looking glass. 

Wordtoon Workshop
Wordtoon is an extension of cartoon or caricature in a more interactive way. Traditionally cartoon is a static medium, one read passively. Wordtoon breaks entirely with this passivity and engages the audience by transforming a word into a living growing entity. A concept, a simple word can be transformed into a visual representation in a creative way that brings the concept alive and does so with a combination of humor, pathos, and sheer delight.
Wordtoon works as a creative gesture! Wordtoon has enormous possibilities to apply in the child education to enhance the understanding of their environment and culture in more participatory manner to stimulate their brain aspects and imagination. Since it is an interactive visual medium develops from the given word or alphabet can be transformed in visual form entwined with the connotations of the word or alphabet. Through this interactive visual play they will instinctively relate and understand their environment, society and culture.

wordtoon workshop

Letters have been a part of our lives for ages. As a medium that conveys emotions and carries information alike, there has hardly been a better alternative since. With the invention of postage stamps in 1837, by Roland Hill, the letter reached its full potential in the hands of the masses. After that, it was just a matter of time before it grew out of its shell and took a more literary shape. And there came artists, people who took this literature to new heights. Artists who didn’t just weave words, but also told stories with the strokes of their brushes. In this event we discussed stories behind such letters of famous artists like Nandalal Bose, Benode Behari Mukherjee, Jamini Roy, Picasso, Van Gogh and Gogin with art historian Debdutta Gupta.