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Handmade Alpana - Mandala

Handmade Alpana - Mandala

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Even today, us Indians cannot fathom any puja or ritual without this traditional art - especially in the rural parts. Essentially created by the womenfolk of Bengal, this five-finger-art is created as an appeal to the gods and for inviting good fortune to one’s home. However, even though it continues to be the heart of any holy ritual in the state, the alpana, today, is an endangered art form.

And so, at Impression, our intention is to reinvent this five-finger magic! Made of Khorimati and Lalmati of Bengal, these pieces are handcrafted and thus, the designs may slightly vary – making every piece unique in its own way.

Mandala: This alpana is designed when worshipping the sun or while praying to the Sun God for good health and prosperity.

Size: 12"X16" • Completely hand-drawn • Original Khorimati & Lalmati (earth colour) on handmade paper • Eco-friendly Frame not included • Free delivery across India

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