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Galar Putul/Shellac Dolls (Tortoise Black)

Galar Putul/Shellac Dolls (Tortoise Black)

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Brightly coloured handmade ‘galar putul’ (shellac doll) is a unique craft of Bengal's Purba Midnapore District. The dolls are made from clay obtained from termite’s nests and later coated with colourful lac. This traditional art form shaped into figures of gods and goddesses, animals, humans and endless varieties will add a hint of life to your room.

However shortage of raw material and craftsmanship have led this legacy to a dying art. And so it is up to us to keep it alive and stay on the right side of Bengal’s history.

Material: Clay and Shellac • Size: 11cm(W) X 5cm(H) • Colour: Black • These pieces are handcrafted and thus, the designs may slightly vary

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