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Clay Doll - Ganesh Janani

Clay Doll - Ganesh Janani

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What if you could have a piece of Bengal right in your living room? Say hello to the dolls of Majilpur! Inspired by popular Indian deities and ordinary people, these dolls are crafted by a handful of artisans from Jaynagar. What gives these dolls their unique appeal is the rounded shape, use of simple colours and casual brush strokes. It is art and culture at their raw best.

As such, these dolls are a great gift for legacy-loving, history-hunting folks. It is also a rather meaningful show piece – because who doesn’t want to invite heritage into their homes?

But here’s the ugly truth about these beautiful dolls – their very existence is hanging on by a thread; their future is at stake. Today, these dolls represent a dying art form of the state. And so, it is up to us to keep it alive and stay on the right side of Bengal’s history.

Material: Clay • 15cm(H) X 8.5cm(W)

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