Gala Dolls- A dying art

These dolls are made of clay obtained from termites' nests. It is then soaked in water and left to ferment for three days straight after which the residual twigs, pebbles, and gravels are separated out. The clay is then shaped into beautiful dolls and sun dried and baked in mud to turn them firm and solid. Then the dolls are held with a pair of tongs over red hot coal, an array of colourful ‘Lac’ is applied all over the dolls. With nimble hands and crafty skills, the artisans then create magnificent body designs and patterns on the dolls with the thread of the lac. Cooled for 10-15 minutes and the dolls are finally ready. 

However shortage of raw material and craftsmanship have led this legacy to a dying art. And so it is up to us to keep it alive and stay on the right side of Bengal’s history.

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